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Price: 1200 rub.
Running parachute

Article: Т-390
Color: yellow


Parachute, cover.

Use this simulator to discover your speed and endurance potential!Functional unit includes a parachute and a belt with touch fastener.Mesh panels ensure stability.The parachute is open during running.

During running training at speed over 7 km/h the parachute is open behind the sportsman and provides for 25 kg resistance force.

The simulator enhances the training efficiency and aerobic endurance, decreases the load on the spinal column and  joints.

The parachute is mounted on the belt by means of fastener.

Easily folded, accompanied with a transportation bag.

25 kg resistance force.

Material: polyester

Diameter: approx. 140 cm

Adjustable belt: 50 cm to 110 cm