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Everything which can be required for the real champions, from the cases and spreev, to the hockey gates.
Running parachuteRunning parachutestorage
Price: 1200 rub.
Water bottleWater bottlestorage
Price: 160 rub.
Stick waxStick waxstorage
Price: 330 rub.
Mini hockeyMini hockeystorage
Price: 4300 rub.
Mini hockey sticksMini hockey sticksstorage
Price: 350 rub.
Metal flip scoreboardMetal flip scoreboardstorage
Price: 900 rub.
Junior coversJunior coversstorage
Price: 200 rub.
Adult coversAdult coversstorage
Price: 200 rub.
Hockey bootlaces (white)Hockey bootlaces (white)storage
Price: 100 rub.
Hockey bootlaces (black)Hockey bootlaces (black)storage
Price: 100 rub.
Drying hangers for sports uniformDrying hangers for sports uniformstorage
Price: 450 rub.