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Trainers for the dribbling
Given trainers are used for the performance of dribbling, pass, flicks, possession of club, development of brushes. Trainers are not deformed.
Price: 5800 rub.
Storage bag (medium)Storage bag (medium)storage
Price: 500 rub.
Aerosol for synthetic iceAerosol for synthetic icestorage
Price: 360 rub.
Master passMaster passstorage
Price: 2300 rub.
Wave (fast hands)Wave (fast hands)storage
Price: 1700 rub.
Training arc (wave)Training arc (wave)storage
Price: 2100 rub.
Wave for ice (fast hands)Wave for ice (fast hands)storage
Price: 3060 rub.
Player (opponent)  simulatorPlayer (opponent) simulatorstorage
Price: 3200 rub.
Player (opponent)  simulatorPlayer (opponent) simulatorstorage
Price: 2670 rub.
Dribbling ball (Swedish ball)Dribbling ball (Swedish ball)storage
Price: 200 rub.
Dribbling ball (metal)Dribbling ball (metal)storage
Price: 700 rub.