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Maxim hockey - trainers for the hockey

Please note: the simulators are delivered throughout the territory of Russia and near abroad. Global delivery is performed separately.

All simulators have sliding surface (synthetic ice) where a hockey player practices the stickhandling elements, dribbling, shots, skating technique. Goaltenders improve the goaltending technique.

 The simulator enhances quickness, coordination and balancing.  The unique character of the simulators allows  to   involve all groups of muscles  necessary for  hockey players. To ensure  good sliding special  boot covers are  used  and pad covers for goaltenders.

 Limited liability company TPP Ural-Service 95 (TM Maxim hockey) is a Russian manufacturer of simulators and accessories for hockey players, alpine skiers, ice skaters and other athletes engaged in winter sport.

 Main production base of the company is located in Ekaterinburg. No wonder that the capital of the Urals was chosen for this purpose. In Ekaterinburg hockey, skiing and other winter sports are popular both among residents and sport professionals.

 History of the Company traces back in 1995. Vast experience of working in the market of exercise equipment enriched us with expertise and profound  knowledge, we studied kinds of sports from the ground up.

 Product range

 Main products of Ural-Service 95 are hockey playing, dribbling, skating simulators. They allow sportsmen to improve their skills requiring no ice rink. It means raising their competitive advantages and ability to win regardless the availability of the ice rink.

Hockey simulators  developed by the Company are widely regarded the best in Russia  and are much sought after by sports professionals and amateurs.

 The simulator improves quickness, coordination and balance. Maxim simulators are unique because they were developed with due regard to muscles which are  active during sport competition.  To ensure  good sliding special  boot covers are  used  and pad covers for goaltenders.

 Simulators use synthetic ice, special sliding material made in Finland ensuring the highest quality of sliding.

 Together with hockey simulators the Company develops and produces simulators providing wider training opportunities in the allied sports. Skating simulators, exercise equipment for general training are widely known and  popular.

 Advantages of Maxim simulators

 One of the main merits of our products is high quality level. The Company team is  proud of reliability and long life time of Maxim simulators which form  the brand identity.

 “Made in Russia” mark on Maxim simulators and accessories prove the proper quality and compliance with international standards of the Russia-produced sports equipment. Our clients do not need to order the simulators abroad. They buy our equipment willingly.

Use of synthetic ice produced in Finland is a common practice. Finnish manufacturers provide for outstanding sliding characteristics of the material as nobody.

While developing  Maxim simulators we rest on rich sport experience of national and foreign hockey veterans. Taking into account wishes and remarks of the sportsmen we produce simulators to the fullest extent complying with the tasks of the result-oriented sportsmen.

Geographic outreach of the Maxim simulators is constantly expanding. At present we deliver out products to all regions of Russia, the Customs Union states and many foreign countries.

The Company keeps up with the times, constantly improves and enhances its production technologies, technical facilities, staff knowledge and skills. Therefore, our simulators are the best for domestic sportsmen and their competitors abroad.